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Johan MURRAY [21/5/1840-30/1/1906]
John BANNERMAN [22/10/1833-9/5/1919]
Johan was born at Rhemusaig, Rogart, tenth child of William Murray and Catherine Grant. John was born at Backies, Golspie, son of Alexander Bannerman and Rose Matheson. Johan and John lived at Morvich, technically in Golspie parish but so close to the Rogart boundary that it is to all intents and purposes in Rogart (nowadays it is in Rogart). Morvich consisted of a lodge, gardener's house, a farm with farm house and cottages. John was a gardener and so probably lived in the gardener's house. They married at Rogart in a Free Church ceremony on 13 March 1863. In 1881 Johanna and John Bannerman were at Morvich with their children. John Bannerman was then a Farm Manager. Johan died at Tressady, Rogart, on 30 January 1906. John died, also at Tressady, in 1919. They are buried in St Callan's churchyard in Rogart close to Johan's parents - photograph of their gravestone above.
There passed away after a short illness one of the most respected members of the community in the person of Mr. Bannerman, gardener, Tressady Lodge, at the ripe old age of 84. He served his apprenticeship at Dunrobin Gardens, was for many years in charge of Morvich Lodge and from there he faithfully discharged his duties for over 30 years. Mr Bannerman never came into the public limelight but carried out his duties in a quiet, unobrtrusive way and was held in high esteem". (Northern Times 22/5/1919).

Their daughters Ann and Rose continued to live in the area until their deaths and are buried in the new section at Rogart.

John and Johan had the following children:
William BANNERMAN, born 13 August 1863 Rhemusaig, Rogart [died 12 February 1950 Dublin] [married Marcella Mary Fox]
Alexander BANNERMAN born 21 July 1868 Morvich [died 14 May 1931 Glasgow [married firstly to Elizabeth Reid & secondly to Isabella Stewart] – 1881 census with parents
David BANNERMAN born 30 September 1871 Morvich [married Sarah Ellen Atkinson] – 1881 census with parents
Ann BANNERMAN (Annie) born 24 August 1873 Morvich [died 7 July 1932 Tressady, Rogart – death was reported in the Northern Times on 21st July 1932] – 1881 census with parents
Rose BANNERMAN born 5 August 1879 Morvich, Golspie – christened in Rogart Free Church [died 26 February 1963 Dalmore, Rogart] – 1881 census with parents

During my researches into this family I was most fortunate to find Margaret Slade, a direct descendant of son William. Margaret added greatly to my information on this part of my family. I had spent years searching in Dublin and finding little more than brick walls before Margaret found me!

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